How to Choose a Charter Operation -
We often have clients who are shopping around making inquiries. Of course we hope to assist and arrange their fishing adventure. However, we always say, "As you shop around be sure to ask these questions (list below), because ultimately, we want you to have the best and safest experience fishing in Prince Rupert."
Questions to ask any charter operation:
Is your vessel Transport Canada certified?
Is your vessel displaying the Transport Canada certification decal?
Is your guide a certified operator? Do they hold the Small Vessel Operator Proficiency Certificate?
Is your vessel holding Charter boat insurance for carrying passengers?
Is your business holding a City of Prince Rupert business license?
Is your guide local and experienced in the navigable tidal waters surrounding Prince Rupert?

When is the best time to come fishing?
The best time to come fishing depends on the type of fishing you would like to do as salmon species run at different times. Halibut and rockfish are available spring through fall.

What species is most popular for sport fishing?
Most popular species for sport fishing are salmon and halibut.

When are the [ INSERT FISH ] running (approximately)?
Fish Season
Chinook May – July
Coho July – Sept
Chum Aug – Oct
Pink Aug – Oct
Halibut spring through fall
Lingcod spring through fall
Yelloweye (Red Snapper) spring through fall
Rockfish spring through fall

What are the limits?
Fish Limit
Chinook(King, Spring, Tyee) 2 per day; 4 in possession
Coho(Silver) 4 per day; 8 in possession
Chum(Dog) 4 per day; 8 in possession
Pink(Humpy) 4 per day; 8 in possession

* Total Salmon daily cannot exceed 4; in possession cannot exceed 8. Fishing with barbless hooks only.

Fish Limit
Halibut 1 per day; 2 in possession
Rockfish 5 per day; 10 in possession
Yelloweye included in Rockfish limits with only 3 can be Yelloweye
Lingcod 3 per day; 6 in possession

What species is most popular for sport fishing?
Most popular species for sport fishing are salmon and halibut.

Which type of salmon is best to fish for?
The type of salmon best to fish for depends on the type of fishing liked best. Chinook are bigger, and tend to take more time and strength to play and land. Coho are smaller, and tend to dance more, are lighter to play and offer faster action.

What method of fishing is used for Salmon and Groundfish?
Methods include trolling for salmon and bottom fishing (ie. jigging) for groundfish.

Can we fish for more than one species in a day?
Fishing for more than one species in a day may be possible. You may be able to fish for salmon for a short time in the morning, and then for halibut for a short time in the afternoon (or vice versa). Changing spots, gear, tackle, and bait takes time and cuts into fishing time. If you want to try fishing two species (ie. chinook and halibut) minimum recommendation is to book for 2 days depending on the number of clients.

How far out do you go to fish?
Fishing grounds include all of Chatham Sound. There are many different fishing spots depending on time of year, weather, and where fish are biting. Therefore, travel time is approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes away.

How many people are on the boat?
You will have just your party on the boat. Day boats carry between 1 to 4 people (a few up to 6 people)

How many hours is the charter?
Full day fishing is approximately 9-10 hours. Partial day fishing is approximately 4-6 hours.

What is included in the fishing charter?
Included in the fishing charter is the boat, guide, fuel, bait, rods, reels, gear, tackle, water, and cleaning of catch.

What should I wear?
Wear warm, layered clothing, water-proof jacket, hat, and durable, non-slip footwear.

What should I bring?
Items to bring for your charter include a camera, meals/snacks, beverages, sunscreen, bug repellant, required medications, and saltwater fishing license.

Will the guide drop crab or prawn traps?
If requested most guides will drop crab traps on the way out, if they still have them, and pull at the end of the day upon arrival back.

Does the boat have toilet facilities (head)?
Each boat with Foggy Point is equipped with a head.

Does the boat have a covered area?
All boats have a type of covered area, but they vary with the boat design. Some boats have a cutty, canvas top or a half hard top with V berth up front and other boats have a half hard top or a full, hard covered cabin.

Do I need seasickness medicine?
If you are prone to (or don’t know if you are prone to) motion sickness, it’s better to take something at least half hour before leaving the dock. It will not work once you’re ill and out on the water.

Will we see anything else while on the water?
In marine and temperate rainforest ecosystems, it is not only possible but probable. You may see eagles, seals, sea lions, humpback whales, orca whales, etc.

Is there a minimum age requirement?
The usual minimum age is 9 years old, but guides have taken younger. This depends on the parent/child. All children must be supervised by a parent, the party will be taken back to dock if safety is a concern.

How do I get my fish home?
You must make prior arrangements with Dolly’s Fish Market for processing and/or transporting unless you are driving and taking fish with you.

Can my wife (or someone else) come along just for the ride?
Rates are based by the person on the boat not who’s fishing.

Where do I obtain a saltwater (tidal) fishing license?
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